Our LAST Garlic Grilled Cheese Drive-Thru of the season will be Saturday, October 23rd from 11-2!


Conley Farms is proudly cultivating organic hardneck gourmet garlic. Each and every clove is inspected before it gets planted by hand. Come harvest time we use that same attention to detail to ensure we only provide the highest quality product.  

Fall Planting Is Just Around The Corner

I swear the time flies fastest on the farm between July and October. It seems like we were harvesting just yesterday and now we're prepping the fields for planting. Unlike most crops, garlic is harvested in the summer and planted in the fall. Trying your hand at growing some bodacious this year? Give yourself a leg up and start working the soil now. Garlic likes sandy, loamy, well draining soil, with little to no rocks. Work your patch of earth by breaking up the big dirt clods and removing any stones or sticks. Check back here often for more tips and tricks on planting!