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Conley Farms is proudly cultivating organic, hardneck, garlic. Each and every clove is inspected before it gets planted by hand. Come harvest time we use that same attention to detail to ensure we only provide the highest quality product.  

Help Fight Cancer with Nan's Harvest

Every year we get requests for Romanian Red garlic from courageous folks fighting cancer. Turns out, garlic packs more than a flavor punch, it also helps knock out all kinds of cooties with it's antibacterial properties. Allicin is garlic's secret weapon and Romanian Red has one of the highest allicin contents. In the fall of 2022, in honor of our Nan who is also battling the beast, we took in donations and purchased enough seed to grow over 250 bodacious battle bulbs. Those bulbs were then given away free to anyone fighting cancer. And so began, Nan's Harvest. This past fall, with the help of your generous donations, we were able to plant TWICE the amount of seed. We are so excited to share this season's crop of Nan's Harvest! We can't wait 'til July when these Battle Bulb beauties will be available. In our Farm Family, no one fights alone!

Where to buy The Bodaciousness

Once it's harvested we'll have it for sale right here on this website, and our monthly Farm Drive-Thrus, here at Conley Farms. You can also find our bodacious beauties at Wiltse's Farm Produce in Maple Park and Windy Acres Farm Stand in Geneva.

Delicious Drive-Thrus!

The bright side to The Great Dumpster Fire (aka the year 2020) was the creation of our Farm Drive-Thru. In the midst of our worst growing season and a worldwide pandemic, we found inspiration in the growling of our stomachs. What could we do with the little bit of garlic we had? Make garlic butter! And what better things to slather in homemade garlic butter, than cheesy garlic bread and garlic grilled cheese sandwiches! With everyone in need a of a breath of fresh air, we decided to dispurse the deliciousness via a drive-thru right here on our farm.