PRE ORDER HERE! Farm Drive Thru Saturday, JUNE 19th 11-2 Garlic Grilled Cheese & Take 'n Bake Cheesy Garlic Bread!


Conley Farms is proudly cultivating organic hardneck gourmet garlic. Each and every clove is inspected before it gets planted by hand. Come harvest time we use that same attention to detail to ensure we only provide the highest quality product.  

It's Scape Time!!!

The scapes have arrived! Every June our bodacious beauties produce delicious center stems called scapes. We cut them so the garlic plant sends all of it's growing energy down to the bulb. By cutting them while they're still tender and curly, you help the plant get stronger AND you get a delicious treat that only comes for a few weeks every year! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see when fresh cut scapes are available at the farm. And don't forget to visit us at the next Farm Drive Thru on Saturday, June 19th from 11-2!