Our Farm Drive-Thru returns in Spring 2021!


Conley Farms is proudly cultivating organic hardneck gourmet garlic. Each and every clove is inspected before it gets planted by hand. Come harvest time we use that same attention to detail to ensure we only provide the highest quality product.  

Happy Holidays from Conley Farms!

Sending the most bodacious THANK YOU to all of our Farm Family! 2020 brought a pandemic, April snow, flooding, a drought, something called a derecho and a bi-polar October that had us in snow pants and shorts. Through it all, you guys stayed with us. Together we warded off countless vampires and invented the worlds first Cheesy Garlic Bread and Garlic Grilled Cheese Farm Drive-Thru. We couldn't have survived this year without you and count ourselves blessed to have you in the family. May your holidays be merry, healthy and vampire free!