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Flavor Profiles

Armenian: Hailing from an Armenian village of Hadrut, Nagorno-Karabakh (say that 10 times fast) this rare beauty is as strong and hardy as her heritage. Robust and earthy, she can have a little garlicky bite when raw but just a medium on the heat scale when cooked up in your favorite dish.

Chesnok Red: Garlic's delightfully delicious sweet side, Chesnok is a real crowd pleaser. She’s easy on the heat but full throttle on flavor and the secret ingredient to our legendary garlic bread.

Georgian Fire: Named for the republic she came from, this robust, Georgian, beauty has a raw, spicy, heat that lingers. Perfect for turning up the heat in Thai dishes and adding some sizzle in your salsa.

German Extra Hardy: I've never known a mild German, and their garlic is no different. This rich and robust gal has a full-bodied heat that lingers, keeping you coming back for more. 

German Red: This full-flavored German variety has a strong, smooth heat that adds depth to any dish, without overpowering it. Great in stews and roasted vegetables, this German will keep you warm all season long.  

Metechi: This flame-throwing dame has five-alarm flavor! The hottest of all our garlics, her heat fueled flavor will blow your mind and leave your taste buds begging for more. This garlicky gal with kick the dull out of any dish.

Montana Giant: Like her name implies, Montana Giant is big on taste! She's richly flavored with just a hint of heat. Those who love the taste of garlic but not a flaming after bite, will really dig this dame.

Persian Star: Don't let her little size fool you, this pint-sized Persian really packs a punch! With her spicy, full bodied flavor this miniature drool inducer is great chopped raw in a scrumptious salad or roasted with veggies and meat. 

Romanian Red: Her fiery, robust flavor will make your taste buds dance. The heat from this little lady is the perfect addition to any Mexican dish. We at the farm love to slice it up thin and throw it on top of our pizza for a little extra flavor kick!